Editing photos

Since I got my new iPhone, I’ve gotten better at taking photos. Naturally, I started editing them with different apps. I first tried out instagram, but that didn’t work out too well with what I wanted to do, and now I’m kind of getting more and more familiar with snapseed.

Last week, I was out with the boys hunting some good San Franciscos. Apparently, that drink is really hard to find here. At least a good one, is hard to find unless I make it myself. After jumping about 3 different places, I finally had one made by one of my favorite bartenders in the city. I loved being a bartender myself, and I definitely know what the crowds of this city desires. The life of a bartender is rather tough, especially during the weekends here when pressure is high and people want to party hard.

Anyway, I took a few pictures but only decided to edit one. Here’s the original:

San Francisco and Fidel Castro

And here’s the edited one:

If this keeps up, I just might get a flickr or tumblr account. The only thing that I might feel a little off about, is that the edited is way too bright. I think it’s because of the iPhone screen altering the light that makes it look different on a computer screen. Hm, time to spend time with Photoshop or so perhaps?

//c_Cae; because as a biologist, you see things differently so why not start taking photos to share it to the rest of the world? 


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