Middle of a tulip

Tulips are really pretty, and as I was visiting my grandma today, I couldn’t help but see many bouquets of them on a table. Unable to restrain myself of taking a few pictures, I hovered over them like a bee trying to pollinate. Of course, I ended up editing the best shot of the day, and so I thought I would share. And again, my iPhone screen fools me into making the picture seem a lot darker than it is on a computer monitor. I need to learn to adjust my editing to that. It’ll take time, but I’m starting to like this.

The original:

Pretty tulip (original)

And the edited:

Pretty tulip (edited)

Even the name ‘tulip’ is pretty. At least I managed to highlight the middle of the flower as I intended when I took the picture.

//c_Cae; might apply for some fieldwork in Madagascar… hm…


2 responses to “Middle of a tulip

  1. Hi Cae,

    Tulip pics didn’t survive the electronic trip to Hawaii. Try check (that’s how we say it in Hawaii) to see if it came through for any of your subscribers/followers. Can’t wait to see.



    • Hi D,

      I updated the pictures, they should be working now. Thanks for letting me know :)


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