Lunar New Year

I missed this week’s Fictioneer’s since I’ve been busy preparing and celebrating the Lunar new year. One could compare it to Christmas. All preparations include planning the huge dinner parties that last for at least 2 days (we celebrate from New Year’s Eve to the day after New Year’s day, 3 days in total). Apart from the making of the food and all the planning that includes, the house must be clean (read: sparkling clean), all new things must have been washed, no trash or old things should be in the house once the new year is here. That includes things like garbage and such. I’m not really familiar with other Asian countries and their customs, but I was brought up with the Chinese ones. That means that no garbage will be disposed on New Year’s Day (today) and chores like sweeping floors and dispose garbage are prohibited. This because the action itself is believed to be very symbolic. If such chores are done on this day, all good things are brought out of the house – and no one wants an unhappy home. All these things are really implemented in my head by now, and I do think my mom is surprised of the things I have learned. Again, although I am not a traditional person, I regard these things as cultural. And culture will always be a part of me.

So, happy Lunar new year folks (even those of you who do not celebrate this holiday). I wish this year to be positively challenging with prosperity in wealth and health. I gotta get my lunch down and then head over to mom’s. Over and out!

//c_Cae; bummed that I missed the Fictioneer’s but there’s always next week! 


2 responses to “Lunar New Year

  1. Dear Cae,

    Happy New Year again!

    That was a nice post. See you Friday.



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