Preparing for spring

Winter seem to just have found its way here, but I’m not letting the icy cold winds, or the icicles on windows scare me off of thinking about warmer days. Since there are sales everywhere (read, I thought I’d give it a go and see what I could find. As I am one of those who never seem to learn, I decided to do some web-shopping with my mom. My mom, is my first lady and she’s the most dangerous one to my wallet. She’s very good to my closet though, but its my wallet who takes all the beating.

I don’t mind shopping, I just wish I didn’t do it at such few occasions and that I could do it alone sometimes. But what can I say? I love involving my mom.

So here’s a few things I’m patiently waiting to arrive.

It’d be the perfect summer dress! Just imagine a hot summer day and all you can do is to stroll around in this! (from

Adorable jeans with adorable top (below). Also very perfect for those really warm days (both from I also took the liberty of ordering a pair of Cheap Monday jeans. We’ll see when they come.

//c_Cae: seriously looking forward to spring

2 responses to “Preparing for spring

  1. You are ever the optimist, Cae. I’m thinking you’re going to have to wrap up against the cold for a few more months before you get to stroll around in that pretty dress. (You should come visit here. Quite warm in the daytime. You’d be able to wear all your purchases early:)



    • It has never served me well to be a pessimist so I try see things from the bright side, always. I love your comments. (And one day, I’ll be where you are and we’ll have endless discussions:)


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