Weekday surprise

After a day with lots of errands (read: how to waste money), I decided to do something less excruciating for my wallet. I came home, dumped all my stuff aside and went to the “bedroom” to make my self a little fort I could dive into once I had took my jacket off. What did I find, if not this:

Troll TV

It was as if the fat TV told me to give it attention. I know, we’re spoiled since we have 2 TVs in front of our bed (I also know that I didn’t make the bed so no need to point that out). I laughed a lot, I couldn’t be mad. I mean who can when they figure out their TV trolls them? Our PS3 is connected to the flat screen, so I figured I could play some beloved Final Fantasy XIII since the sequel is to be release tomorrow and I cannot wait to get my hands on it. How did I know that things like TVs need attention, too?

//c_Cae; we now have a trolling TV in the living room (couldn’t have it by the bed anymore…)


2 responses to “Weekday surprise

  1. Dear Cae,

    Lucky the bed was there. Gravity gets us all in the end.



    • Dear D,

      That makes me wonder if the TV was curious whether gravity still works and tries it? I always use that excuse when I fall!


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