Efficiently planning

I spent half my day trying to come up with a plan that has me studying at my prime times, allows me to play some FFXIII-2 (if you haven’t noticed, the Final Fantasy series is kind of like the air I breathe), hang out with friends, and do chores. Sounds difficult but after half a day of planning, it turned out alright. Now I have a really smooth schedule that last until the beginning of April. During my planning, I figured that the calendar my mom got me is way too small! I can’t write properly in it, nor can I plan down to the minute (because it only displays by the hour). And I don’t really use digital calendars because it takes too much time to get things down in them, and I rarely remember things unless I pick up a pen and write it down on a recycled piece of dead tree.

Because of the silence of my muses and my busy schedule, I didn’t manage to write something last Friday. I spent hours staring at the picture, hoping for something to pop up. But no, nothing but silence. Better luck this week, I hope… So here’s a picture of this week’s schedule. It’s interesting that this is kind of an empty week, despite the packed columns. And yes, there are more doodles under that post-it.

Because the calendar is so small, it has made my handwriting (that is usually neat and totally awesome) look like a 5 year old’s doodles. And I’m sure those doodles are prettier to look at.

//c_Cae; 9 more minutes of break before I dive into another pile of dead trees 


2 responses to “Efficiently planning

  1. Oh, girl,

    How you can stick to a three month schedule with any regularity is mind boggling. It’s probably why you’ll get that Nobel Prize I see in your future. Remember me in your acceptance speech.



    • To tell you the truth, I have no clue how I stick to my planning. I think it’s because I’m such a perfectionist that always wants everything planned to at least the hour.
      And I could never leave you out if I ever am to give an acceptance speech. After all, in my heart is where I keep a friend.


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