Getting up this morning was excruciating. Okay, not really. I did feel like I slept on a fluffy cloud, yet when the alarm went off I had no intention of getting up. Maybe it was the fluffy cloud thing that made me want to stay, I don’t know. Anyway, before I leave for university, I always check the weather. 3°C this morning, and I thought it wasn’t that bad. And it wasn’t. Until I actually got out. It’s like I never learn that in this part of Sweden, there is always wind. You can’t expect a white Christmas, or a sunny summer vacation, but you can always count that it’ll be somewhat windy. Always. Somehow I forgot this very important thing today, and as I was turning into an icicle, the bus was also late. Luckily, I always take one bus ahead of schedule just in case anything out of my control goes wrong. This way, I am never late. At least not for school.

I wasn’t really going to say so much about my day. I actually took a few pictures last week. Since the snow was so late this year, I figured (even though my fingers were solid icicles at the time) I’d take the chance to remember the beauty of perfect layers of snow by the department. I don’t usually enjoy snow, but I do appreciate everything. I mean, I pretend the floor turns to lava when I clean it.

A lonely tree right between the Biology building and the green house
I just thought the scenery was awesome. It’s the parking lot between the previously mentioned green house and the Ecology building

I didn’t edit the pictures this time, mostly because I was lazy. But partially because I wanted to keep the magic snow seems to bring.

//c_Cae; too lazy to make dinner right now…


2 responses to “Monday!

  1. Hi Cae,

    Your post and pictures are goading me to download photos I took of our snowfall of two nights ago on the summit. Temperatures hovered in the -6C range and the snow was dry, cold and beautiful. Chased us off the mountain. Now that I’m home I’m vegging out. Must download now…

    Love you,


    • Hi D,

      Really? It started snowing here again last night, but it melted away. Any chance of me seeing those pictures, yes?


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