Wonderful life

A class mate came back from recess filled with joy, telling everyone that companies were recruiting and were also giving away goodie bags. I think that’s the two best things for students; free food and a chance for a job.

So me and my friend headed down to the convention and got ourselves free ice cream. I think this is a lovely beginning of an unforgettable weekend. My lovely lady friends are visiting from both Stockholm and Ljungby. The sun is shining brightly and I can’t help but smile.

Now I’m heading to my hair dresser to get a new haircut. I trust her enough to let her do as she pleases with my hair so we’ll simply have to see what I’ll look like in a few hours from now.


I’ll update later. Got a date with Ben, Jerry, my mom an my hairdresser. Cheers!


2 responses to “Wonderful life

  1. Chocolate macadamia nut ice cream?

    Sounds like home to me.



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