Empty mind

From all the hours of analyzing fisheries law in the EU and ICES, my mind is completely shut down. It’s a miracle I’m even writing this. I keep staring at the Fictioneer photo prompt, but nothing. I can’t even talk or write without concentrating so hard on what to say/write and how to spell things. My brain has been reduced to the most basic needs. I just slept 3 hours and I am still tired! I guess writing a huge essay on your own during two days takes a lot on you.

Hopefully I manage to spit something out for this week’s Friday Fictioneer’s…

//c_Cae; performing cpr on my brain… 


2 responses to “Empty mind

  1. Strange,

    I slept only three hours today. Take your time, prioritize, kick ass. I kknow where you are and what you’re up to. We miss you, but understand.



    • Hi D,

      sorry for the late reply. I hope you are well, too, and have caught up on those few hours of sleep.


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