Holy crap, I’m alive!

School has been taking a lot of my time lately, that and my side projects are slowly taking form as I meet up with my potential partners. I like the feeling that I’m one step closer to getting things done. Unfortunately, the blog activity has to take the toll when I’m busy. I expected zero visitors when I logged on earlier tonight, but to my surprise that number was nowhere to be seen. Apparently, there are people coming here even though I don’t, and for that I am very thankful.

Aside from all the business I have managed to tangle myself into, I was at the annual SciFi convention here in Malmo. The highlight? Most definitely Mass Effect 3. I haven’t played the game but the Dutchman does and I must say that ME3 looks gorgeous. I mean, take a look yourselves.

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Last Thursday, I went out with friends for a late lunch. I honestly don’t remember laughing so hard. They’re friends from high school. Reminiscing as we passed the old ragged buildings, made us laugh even more. Those memories areĀ irreplaceable, and I do occasionally miss them. But once I miss those times so much that I get on the verge of wishing to go back, I remember I was young and dumb back then. I prefer the me from today. Looking back won’t change your future. Looking back, will definitely not save the oceans.

//c_Cae; dives back into the law texts!



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