Live Action: Asian stereotype

I was out shopping with mom. I intended to just hang out and maybe buy myself a new jacket, since my really awesome faux leather jacket looks like a cat’s toy. It resulted in us buying me a rice cooker, that I had to carry for the rest of the day.

First it felt awkward having people staring at me like they’ve never ever seen an Asian with a rice cooker before. Really? What’s your sense of an Asian? It still makes me laugh, 6 hours after I got stared out by most people of this city. Yes, I will proudly live up to the Asian stereotype if that’s what it takes to make you laugh. But I’ll most likely be laughing too, though. It’s a win-win.

//c_Cae; wonders what improvised dish of mom’s I’ll be making tomorrow…


2 responses to “Live Action: Asian stereotype

  1. Dear Cae,

    Why didn’t you buy it last instead of carrying it around all day? Here in Hawaii you would not have garnered and extra glance. Even old haole men like me don’t look strange carrying a rice cooker. (Rice and I go together like white on rice:)



    • Dear D,

      I thought I bought it last. I just didn’t know my mom wanted to go elsewhere. At least I made some people laugh :)


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