Wait, what?

Went out shopping today, again. Didn’t harvest much other than a new cozy blanket. Now that I think of it, I shouldn’t have chosen baby blue. Most my things are baby blue – my fave hoodie, my Tatty Teddy, just to name two. Oh well, it beats black and white.

In a previous post, I used a slide show instead of hurting your fingers by lining them up causing what feels like endless scrolling. How’d that work? I tried on different Mac devices, and it worked fine. A little bit slow at times, but it worked.

On my way home, the bus driver hit on me! And frequently asked for my number. Gosh, some people just don’t get the hint, even when you use the words: I do not want to give you my number. I found it hard to believe that a middle aged man actually did that. But I was glad when he guessed my aged, and said 28 instead of 14. Finally, someone guesses I’m older! Asians don’t always look young, try meet me one day when I feel like a zombie and I will prove you wrong.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The only thing sad about the sunny picture, is beside showing the arrival of spring, the downside of living in the city. There’s concrete everywhere. I miss the green.

//c_Cae; must buy plants. We only have a cactus ;( 


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