6am? Hell no!

Excuse my language in the title.

I woke up at 6 today to be on time for my exam in environmental law. I never function when I have to wake up that early. Anything before 730am is inhuman to me.

I don’t believe I have ever written an exam for that many hours before. Usually, we’re given about 4 hours, and I only sit for about two, two and a half. Today, I sat there for 5 hours (personal record). I’ll sell parts of my soul to pass this one. Next up is animal behavior, interesting course. I’ll probably use it once I get out there and work. There are no words to describe my enthusiasm on getting back to a course held in English. It’s only been around 6-7 months since my last one, but I already feel that my English is getting worse. On Thursday, I will return to where I belong – with animal studies and English.

//c_Cae; now I just need to get started on the Fictioneers again


One response to “6am? Hell no!

  1. Go get ’em, Cae,

    Love, D.

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