Energy flow

The following piece is a part of a wonderful society of writers known as the Friday Fictioneers, a great idea by Madison Woods. I usually don’t write anything about it before my story, but I feel like I should after several weeks of absence.

I’d just like to thank all the people who keep coming here to read my latest doodles. And a special thanks to my top commenter, you know who you are D (and everyone else, too). Also, this is my first story that doesn’t reach 100 words (96 I think). There’s a first to everything.


I closed my eyes and wandered off to the direction my heart desired. The meadow was mesmerizing. Rays of light were playing like faeries among the flourishing flora.

I felt my feet getting heavier, and my head lighter. Somehow, a strong sense of tranquility overwhelmed me. It was as if my feet anchored themselves to the ground I stood on.

“Trust us,” gentle whispers said.

My feet felt lighter when my eyes opened again. Before me, the faeries had disappeared since long. Ben was right. All I needed was time for me. Time just to breathe.


15 responses to “Energy flow

  1. Don’t we all just need some time to breath. Very nice.

    Here’s mine:

    • We do! My otherwise so busy schedule often has me forgotten about the times needed to take a breather. I was hoping the story could inspire people to take it easy sometimes =)
      Heading your way shortly!

  2. In itself, what a beautiful, fanciful story.

    A much lighter story than I envisioned considering the picture above. I kept expecting it to be a dream or a hallucination, and that the character would suddenly find herself lost in a dark wood with no idea how she got there.

    But in itself, great job. (And maybe I’m just too literal. If so, just ignore that middle paragraph.)

    Mine is here:

  3. “Faeries among the flourishing flora”–sweet illiteration. Gentle sort of story–like “time to breathe.”


  4. Taking in the moment, the time to breathe, so refreshing, as is this tale. Beautifully written.

    Mine is here:

  5. Tack för en välskriven blogg!

  6. Haha! Okej? utstrålar? Jag är inte gravid iaf. =P Men jag tycker om solen, det kanske var den som strålade?
    Kram Alexandra

    • haha nej! menade givetvis inte en sån utstrålning haha, har svarat på nåt av dina inlägg :) kram!

  7. Madison Woods

    I think this one was your best yet, Caely – loved it! I’ve always had a special spot in my heart for fairies :)

    • Thanks! Means a lot to me that you say so :) Keeps me going, you know? Excited for this week’s prompt :)

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