The weekend was full of events. I barely remember what I did last Friday other than trying to talk to my muses. They weren’t as talkative I thought they would be. Saturday was basically just preparing for a surprise party for one of the Dutchman’s brothers. I don’t think I have ever said any word that loud as I did that night. Imagine coming home after a two day business trip, expecting a calm evening to relax and instead be met by your family and friends all yelling ‘surprise’ before you even stepped into your home.

Monday was surprisingly hot. I think at some point it reached 15°C. Absolutely lovely. I noticed how flowers started popping up everywhere around the Ecology building. It’s good to know the weather isn’t fooling us, like it usually does around here.

Last night, I was bored out of my mind. I didn’t have that many things to do and honestly, I was too tired. I’m still recovering from the environmental law course, it really took all the energy I had. My brain still feels like mush. But since the Dutchman had a somewhat bad day at work, I decided to surprise him. So I made chili-garlic steaks as dinner and waffles for dessert. All to be enjoyed in candle light.

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//c_Cae; off to study behavioral ecology


2 responses to “Spring!

  1. Lovely Cae. When you find yourself really bored, take a nap and enjoy yourself. You are way too busy anyway.



    • Why did I not think of that?

      What would I do without you? (probably not writing, and not napping, that I know for sure!)


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