Good things happen!

This morning, I was more of a time optimist than ever, giving myself less than 5 minutes to get to the bus stop. So of course, I ran all the way just to find out my bus card wasn’t where it usually is. Quickly thinking back to when I had it last yesterday, I must have had it when I got home. So I search my pockets like a maniac as the bus closes in. Nothing. On to raiding my huge bag – also nothing. I decided I might have dropped it on my way there – nothing. At home – nada.

Great, I thought. Today’s lecture was interesting, and I had an exam, too. So I missed all of that. And for an enthusiast like me (read: I love school), that is horrible (I also blame my Asian heritage). After several hours of searching, I decided the card is gone (as well as my back-up card I usually keep in my purse just in case stuff like this happens. Guess what card decided to mysteriously hide when I need it?). So I took a power nap and later went to my mom’s. I insisted that today wasn’t a bad day after all. I couldn’t be, it just started and it couldn’t possibly be worse than it is now. And it only got better!

Spending time with mom is always golden. And it only got better when we bought lots of fruit (yes, appreciate the little things), and stepping out of the store, we bump into our mail man. He’s a charming 30-ish British guy with the best aura. Chatting with him makes any day better. Although I do not know him privately, he is one of those people you bump into on a gloomy day and instantly makes it better. I love the fact that I have a few of those people around me, I even promised myself to keep such people around me at all times. And I’m incredibly thankful for them.

So to wrap it up, today I really thought of what to do when life gives you lemons. If you can’t make lemonade because you’re lacking the sugar, water and ice, just grab them. Make the best of it.

Lately, life has been tossing a lot of bumps my way. My student councilor believes I can do my BSc and MSc and take courses at the same time (that’s 3xfulltime projects). I met two potential supervisors for my thesis with incredibly interesting projects. Both of them involve fish, and I absolutely love fish. One is about fish behavior, whether or not they are brave (dares to explore new areas) or shy. The other one is about sexual selection among fish, why females choose the males with the biggest fins for example (read: does size matter?). Both are really interesting for me, and they’re both subjects I want to work with later. At the same time, I wish to do my MSc (Master’s degree) somewhere else (read: Australia/US). So many things to think of… In case anyone wondered where I wandered off in this huge space we call internet, I’ve been thinking a lot. We’ll see when it comes to it. Now I have to focus on something else for a while, let’s say the story for this week’s Fictioneers.

//c_Cae; picture describes it purrfectly!


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