Finally time for my thesis

The councilor at the university told me not to rush my bachelor’s thesis. At first, I did not understand what she meant so I asked. Her intention was to have me wait until I was close to my master’s thesis and have me do both at the same time. I’m good at planning, but it’s impossible to work with two different projects at the same time! When I followed up my question with when I can do my BSc (the bachelor’s degree that is), she told me to wait and take some other courses instead. After next semester, I will have exceeded my credits for a bachelor’s degree by a few 10 credits (during one semester you acquire about 30 credits).

But, thanks to her basically saying no to me, I took things by my own hands and I talked to a few fellow professors at my current course. They’re more than happy to have me work on several projects, so during a while there I had no idea what I wanted to do. Having the broad spectra of interests just in the fields of biology, I got lost in everything. Every single project they presented, was stunning to me. Each lab we visited, I could find myself sitting there for hours every day. Even on weekends. In the end, I decided to go with a project I’ve had in mind since last summer (that I kind of forgot about since I got so caught up on everything fed to me). So tomorrow, I will meet up with a potential supervisor to talk about it. With a little luck, I might start it off in mid-June. Finally, my studies and hard work are paying off. Finally!

When all goes well with the meeting tomorrow, I will study sexual selection among fish. For those unfamiliar with the terms, I will study what preferences female fish prefer among the male, focusing mainly on the male fin sizes. I have yet to decide species and more specific hypotheses for it, but that is what the meeting tomorrow is all about. Fingers crossed that my English won’t fail me tomorrow (who am I kidding? English is basically my prime language lol!).

Or does it?

//c_Cae; looking forward to spend the summer in a lab with aquariums!

ps. D, if you’re reading this – I will take that picture with the lab robes by then! ds.


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