Thesis preps

Even though I’m basically drowning in all my studies (it’s time for finals now…), I have to prepare for my thesis. The meeting went well, and I think I surprised my supervisor over how organized I am. I mean he looked baffled when I told him I really don’t mind working on the weekends, or that he might be away (because he’s on paternity leave). I’ll do just fine as long as he replies my e-mails when he’s gone. Besides, I’ll have everything scheduled and I’ll gladly spend time with my fish anyway.

So all I got to do for preps are to mail a few people responsible for financing the project. I just need a few thousand kronor, shouldn’t be a problem for Lund University ;)

Our visit to Ystad Zoo was great. Unfortunately, my phone is being rebellious and will not let me upload any pictures I took. My group and I were to investigate the environmental enrichments (read: how to keep animals entertained in a confined area) among lemurs. So we chopped few fruits, put them in buckets and froze it with lemonade. It was amazing to watch them. They really liked lemonade and the fruit we had prepared for them was delicious. We also attempted to mix in broccoli and tomatos, but after an hour of observation, we could certainly state that veggies are no hit among lemurs. At times, they mistook the tomatos for physalis, but the second they tasted what it was, the tomato was quickly gotten rid of. So we’re not really that far apart when it comes down to food preferences, although I absolutely adore veggies.

I did manage to get one picture of my phone. Ironically, it was one of the last ones I took of the lemurs. The sun came out and the lemurs started to sun bathe and it looked hilarious. Judge yourselves:

Come at me, bro!

//c_Cae; hopefully I will be granted the money I need for my thesis, otherwise I need to do a boring literature project…


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