Busy mind

As noted, I haven’t really been quiet active here. My excuse? The usual: writer’s cramp and a lot to do. I was really stressed about my thesis: when to get it started, finding suitable supervisors, refining my hypotheses, apply for grants. Then I had to find a job to occupy myself during the time I wouldn’t be in the lab, or analyzing data. On top of that, my mother wanted to take me on a trip around the world (read: Asia) and she had a hard time planning it. In other words, my mind was beyond my capacities of organizing anything so I ended up being a giant blob of information.

Some of it is sorted out now, most importantly I now have a job and my thesis will start in September instead of June (as I intended it to). Frankly, I just want to do so many things with my studies that if I had it my way, I’d be in a lab this very moment. I wouldn’t like vacation, or summer break even. It’s only because I’d like to take those courses next semester without much interruption. I like doing many things (and often at the same time), but when it comes to my studies (read: academic career), I want to do it whole-heartily. I want too many things at the same time.

So instead of spending my summer in the lab, I’ll just work a lot (= money!) and try to balance that out with re-decorating the apartment. I just have to shut down my expensive taste and not fall for 7500SEK door mats, haha. Also, I shouldn’t fall for Decléor. But that one is beyond saving now, I’ve already taken a liking to the brand. Love that it entirely contains natural products and combines it with aroma therapy. My poor wallet is gonna suffer. Again.

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//c_Cae; over and out!



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