Summer time!

Sun has shone brightly the past days, and I reminisce the days of summer with La Familia. Given that only two of the family members that I know for sure will read this, I don’t mind telling the world I plan to kidnap you all. It might just ruin the experience for the ones that read it, but on the other hand they’re my partners in crime. Can’t pull anything off without them!

Anyway, I want to do all these things this summer. Like finding nail polish that won’t smear, have bbqs until I grow sick of them, go to the beach, go on vacation abroad (Denmark doesn’t count!), write more, take some more pictures and work out more. This summer will be a good one, I can tell. Right now, I have to figure out what I want for my 26th birthday. I don’t wanna ask for food (HAH, what’s wrong with me?), I just might get a tattoo and have mom freak out on me. At least it’s not a random thing that I plan to have etched into my skin. It’ll be something I love, and it’ll be a motive of something I have thought of getting since I was 15. So it is definitely not an impulsive thing, it’s about goddamn time!

Anyway, I’m off to enjoy a tasty lemonade out in the sun. Ta~

I miss having this for breakfast haha

//c_Cae; a lovely mail from a good friend made my day


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