Today’s harvest

I love this season! It might change as it pleases around here, but the fruits and veggies available now are great. After work today, I went out to buy some food (what else? It’s like the only thing I buy) with my mom. And guess what? Freshly arrived durian (a nice fruit if you like it, but it smells horrid for the ones who dislikes it. So horrid, some hotels and public places ban them). That combined with a fresh nishi pear, strawberries, and a huge bottle of aloe vera just for me. Just put the berries in water to wash them off and cool them down a little. I’m lucky to have escaped the rain, but my plastic bag broke along the way (another reason why not to use them – very unreliable and you can only fix them so many times after they’ve broken). Luckily, my fruit made it. Anyway, off for a shower, then I’m gonna dive right into those delicious fruits.

Durian. 100g of this equals 150 calories, compare that to 100g of banana that equals 90 calories. Stuff is good, but I wouldn’t be able to eat one whole myself…

Le strawberries and the nishi pear. I eat nishi pears as substitute for water melons (as I’m allergic to a melon that is 98% water…), because it’s a really good thirst quencher.

//c_Cae; over and out


4 responses to “Today’s harvest

  1. And do you also get Lychee there?

    Thinking of you swimming in your bowl of fruit.



    • Thank you for your comment, D. I have missed them.

      And yes, we do get lychee here although they are rare. I love fruits from Asia, so much more taste and diversity than the 30 different kinds of apples and pears you get natively in Europe :)


  2. Hm… Sådan frukt har jag aldrig smakat! Det är värt ett försök!

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