I’d like to think that if someone else was to enter my mind, they’d go crazy of all the thoughts running around in there. I guess it applies to any mind.

Here’s a few things I’ve thought of today:

– what to invest money in this summer, apartment or car?
– to buy a Canon or go to Asia?
– eat more fruit than I do (haha, right now I’m so drunk on my smoothies)
– listen and discover new music, but where to find it?
– when to leave for Australia?
– how to decorate apartment? (all these possiblities!)

The thoughts are endless! And I like it, but sometimes I wish they’d just pause when I work. I tend to daydream, haha.

//c_Cae; I miss rollercoasters (it’s late and I’m tired)


2 responses to “Random

  1. Do them all, Cae, and when you go to Australia, go by way of the Big Island. I’ll fix you a smoothie.



    • I will first have to expand my resources ;) then I’ll head your way first before landing in the land of my dreams!


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