Midsummer in IKEA land means dancing like a retard around a flowery pole, schnaps, eating herring, and complain of how much it rains during this particular weekend. It also means the busiest days for grocery shops (I don’t know the numbers for Christmas, but I can bet that the competition is tough with this one). Tomorrow, we got loads of special orders (read: demanding customers), and there’s a new girl at work. I don’t worry about her, I worry about the customers. Most of them will be seriously stressed because during the time they were busy contemplating how fresh their veggies are gonna be for Friday, the days actually passed, and BOOM! It’s Thursday, a.k.a panic day 1. Poor stressed people. I, on the other hand, accept the challenge!

Also, people should smile more. I haven’t met so many grumpy people as I have today. And, I smell fresh mint everywhere. Is my nose getting paranoid?

Try not to smile to this ;)

//c_Cae; “it’s just an observation I can’t ignore”


3 responses to “Midsummer

  1. Where are you working, my dear? A grocery store?



    • Yup, I work at a grocery store, in the veggie/fruit department. Love it there, it’s in the middle of the city.


  2. Jag ville bara önska dig en glad midsommar!

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