I’ll admit it, I’ve been slacking off a lot with my work-out since autumn. Last summer, I was all about running and working out. That ambition flew out the window when the first snow landed on the ground. As the klutz I am (I mean really, I could trip over dust), I did not dare to go out for a run, and that has grown into laziness. Until today. I basically ran around the block a few times, until I realized I need to go to work. I saw my 80-something neighbor take a jog the other day and that image stuck to my head. If he can, what the hell is stopping me? An injured knee? Nah! If the people in Biggest loser can pull it off, then so can I.

So to all my fat: Suck it. You’re a goner. Soon…

//c_Cae; spa night tonight with mom ;D 


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