Service mindedness

After several days of grumpy people and people refusing to accept any compensation or apologies, today was entirely different even though the rain was pouring down outside. Instead of constant complaints, I was actually showered by compliments. It happens, but it’s rare. I try to be as service-minded as possible (seriously, if you saw me work and compared to me outside work, you’d see the difference) but sometimes, people just don’t want to be happy it seems. I had one particular customer today, that kept praising me for my patience and “utterly good service” for at least 20min. That basically compensated everything this week had to offer haha.

Like yesterday, I tried several times with the same customer to cheer her up (in a professional way, by keeping my patience and smile despite her yelling at me). Still, she refused any compensation for something we did not do, and she kept complaining after both myself and a co-worker apologized. I learned then, that my professional patience is at its limit after 10min of being extremely nice. First class service – I have it. Just not patient enough, but I’ll grow on that. Another challenge accepted!

I still don’t know what to get myself for my birthday. It’s so hard knowing what I want. Maybe an Eos 600D or something else?

To buy or not to buy, that is the question…

//c_Cae; all these choices…


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