Shopping spree

I’ve meant to post for several days now, but since the midsummer weekend, work has been overloaded. I have basically worked, eaten and slept for the past days. Not even having time to touch my phone nor my computer. Nice in a way, given our high tech society, but I’d like to keep on writing. At least here.

After busting my ass at work, and buying lots of healthy food (read: veggies and more veggies), I decided to go for a shopping tour. I haven’t bought anything for myself in a very long time so I thought it’d be nice to invest in me for once. I ended up using half my week salary on sun screen, lotions, clothes and some more clothes. Found shorts, skirts and dresses for my birthday. I’ll take pics of them once I’ve washed them to show you guys :) For now, I’m gonna enjoy my 500 g of strawberries before I get myself some well-deserved sleep!

Mine don’t quite look like the ones in the picture, not as shiny (mine are purely organic – the only way to go!)

//c_Cae: signing out! 


One response to “Shopping spree

  1. Dear Cae,

    If you want some raspberries, check out Here and Now on my blog. Enjoy your sleep.



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