Birthday, anniversary, and first world problems

Spent my birthday working, for the first time in my life. I usually keep it holy (read: free of plans), but this time I actually wanted to work. I think I have reached the point of work-o-holism (is that a word?) where I don’t want to do anything but work, haha. At some times I think it’s horrible, but on the other hand, work does mean money (which in turn means I can buy things haha). I did however take Monday and Tuesday off to spend it with a few friends and BBQ parties. I do believe it has been a while since I was that full of food.

My birthday also meant the 3 year anniversary for the Dutchman and I. 3 somewhat crazy years. Who knew we’d end up as the crazy people we are today? The coming 6 months will probably mean a lot of changes, but it’s for the better :D

Since last week, I’ve been trying to introduce new routines to my life. I try to keep my nails polished and painted because I can’t stand the dirt that gets under them when I work. The paint helps keep me distracted so I don’t obsess over the dirt, haha (OCD warning right there…). Anyhow, I tried to re-paint them tonight and all I kept doing was to drop the paint on the floor. First time was alright, it just landed on the mat and left no stains. Later, it just decided to land on my fave pj pants. So now I have, not one, but two weirdo stains on my pants that I can’t get rid of. I’ll figure something out, but as far as I’ve gotten is just that I shouldn’t be doing anything but rest right now. I’m not supposed to do anything than that. So off I go.

A pendant my Dutchman gave me for my birthday/anniversary gift. Love it, but the chain that came with it is prettier (because it’s white gold haha)

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