Temporary things


Many things in life are temporary; materialistic things like shoes and clothes, and even some relationships.

At this very moment, I’m waiting for a dear friend to show up for a coffee. This friend has been a good one, and still is, since high school. No one else but him shows up when I’m calling in the middle of the night. However, life happens and he is finally realizing the dream of moving to Japan (and to his beautiful fiancé). At first it saddened me that we wouldn’t live in the same city we have been for 9 years. Then I realized how precious my own dreams are and how his dreams must be at least as precious as mine are to me.

Now I’m happy. Happy that one of us is realizing dreams. By the end of the week, one of my best friends will be on the other side of the planet. I think it’ll be hard at first, but then I remember that goodbyes with friends like him are only temporary.

//c_Cae; friends are the family you choose to have


2 responses to “Temporary things

  1. Dearest Cae,

    That’s why your heart is made so big and strong, to hold your friends close and carry them always when you’re separated. You are realizing your dreams, too, each day you strive, each day you care and each day you write.



    • Dear D,

      Thank you for your kind words. Many times when I want to post, but hesitate, I remind myself that you will read and comment every now and then. It makes me feel alive somehow, that’s how precious your words are to me.


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