Doing it right

I’ve always said, if you’re gonna do something; either you do it well or you don’t do it at all.

So living by that saying, I try my best at delivering my best service mind at work. And now, it has paid off (after one month of raging, scratching, ‘I like to toss my money at you’ customers).

The past weeks, I’ve been receiving gifts from customers. Two weeks ago, I got this new nail polish and last week I was given a genuine Indian scarf that I’ve been looking for. I also got home made pickles in the most adorable jar ever. I forgot to take a pic of it though.

After realizing I’ve only taken three days off this entire summer, I went on a shopping spree. That resulted in new flip flops, few sports bras, dresses, skirts, shorts and make up. Whops. But damn do I deserve it!

Also, I sent another mail regarding my thesis. We’ll see how it goes and whether I get published later on or not. Fingers crossed!




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