Who knew planning a vacation was this difficult? I want to go visit my friends but I feel like one week vacation is too little for me to do so many things. I’d like to spend some more time with friends, but having them living so far away from me makes it difficult. It doesn’t make things better that I have a meeting for my thesis this coming Friday. If I go, it would mean I’d have to rush back to Malmö by Thursday and it’d mean no time to rest for this very intense fall/winter that is coming.

I could leave for a weekend in October but that would mean I’d have to skip work. And as the work-o-holic I am, it’s far more difficult to take a day off than to actually plan a vacation. Sometimes I wish I had a pause button. I’m gonna go wake up the Dutchman, it’s almost 1 pm and I’m getting bored of reading on genetics papers.

Cheers, friends and foes!

//c_Cae; I’ll announce something very interesting (and big) on Thursday… Just wait for it…


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