Life in progress indeed

School started for real today. Had my first lecture and I don’t know how I feel. It was interesting about population dynamics and all but most of it just felt like fisheries ecology again (read: a lot of not making sense and equations that make even less sense). This feels awkward, but I’m sure I just need time to get used to it. After all today’s lecture had me being thankful for taking fisheries (never thought I’d say that.

I’ve gotten mixed responses of my last post. For this of you wondering, yes that is a bun in my oven. But I don’t know if it’s two buns or just one. So a lot of questions are unanswered, for me and my Dutchman as well as friends and readers. I’ll try to answer just a few of them here.

How far along are you?
According to our nurse that we saw last week, I should be around week 21-23 by now. So roughly five months, give or take.

What are you going to do about school?
Stay with it of course! Just because kiddo is on his/her way, doesn’t mean that my life (or my Dutchman’s) is going to take a break. Of course, I will have a short break and nurture the little one(s). But I just kicked off my Bachelor thesis and I do not intend to pause now just because of the bun. I will however take next semester off and since it is estimated that the little one(s) are to arrive during the winter break, that is ideal. Also, following that semester, summer vacation starts and I can have that time to recover and prepare myself for my last semesters at university as a regular masters student. However, during the maternity leave I will take some Internet courses just to keep things up. For those of you who have been following for a while now, you all know I’m not the type to sit still. Ever.

Are you guys getting married?
No because to us, marriage is just a piece of paper at the moment. Read: we don’t feel like getting married just yet.

For now I think that will settle things. I probably won’t write a lot about the bun, mostly because of privacy issues. I never had any intention of getting too personal here. You can call it paranoia I guess haha. But it’s different now, involving another life growing in me. Haha I just realized how gross that actually sounds like. Guess I’m too used to biological terms and facts to even budge to that kinda thing.

Ps. If anything I write doesn’t make sense , I am blaming it entirely on hormones.

c_Cae; realizes how appropriate it is to have “life in progress” in my header right now <3


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