My true love gave to me…


There are no words of how much my inner nerd is rejoicing at the moment. My Dutchman bought me Guild Wars 2, and as the MMO freak I am, I’m over the top of joy. At the same time, my pre-labor pains are getting more intense, so this will most certainly be an interesting day. Even my parents are walking on needles it seems. Sometimes it feels like I’m the only one that’s not nervous about it, haha.

Back to my point. This very moment, I’m patching the game and I’m thankful for the powerful internet connection my parents have. It’s ridiculous, but I love it (yes, I be spoiled against my will sometimes).

As you might know, I rarely let people buy things to me. What I want, I like to buy to myself. I’ve always been like that. And sometimes I can be so difficult about it, it gets on people’s nerves. But every now and then, I’ll allow the Dutchman to spoil me with something other than food. In case you’re wondering, I did set it as a “condition” when we first met that he was only to spoil me with food and nothing else unless I agree to it haha. I thought it would make things easy, and sometimes it does. Sometimes it doesn’t :)


I haven’t played GW since the first edition came out, I think Nightfall was the last thing I played. Didn’t get very far before I headed to university. Back then, I was at my nerd-peak. I played games day in and day out. If I wasn’t gaming, I was busy studying. Basically, my days were about to go to school, do homework and then be able to start gaming at 7pm (our guild had set times for raids haha). Every day was like that, until I started working and going to uni. Then it kind of just fell out of my plate. Since then, I’ve limited myself to console-games. Speaking of which, I should start play Heavy Rain. I’ll do it when the baby is here. It’ll be my “me-time”.

//c_Cae; off to kill time with Tetris while Guild Wars is patching :3 


Autumn, errands and studies

Right now I’m waiting for the bank to open. Ridiculously boring sitting here but it has to be done. At least I had a huge breakfast and am satisfied at the moment.

Later, I’ll meet up a friend to study for an exam on Friday. I’m just hoping kiddo can wait until I’ve finished the exam before coming out.

Autumn is here and just the other day I was kicking leaves with, read and be flabbergasted, my mom. Never thought she had it in her, but I guess becoming a grandmother brings out that side of you.

I got another job offer! Though I need to talk to them before deciding on anything. Being trilingual has its benefits when two of the languages are global ones. When I have the time, I’ll definitely make sure my Japanese improves by light years. Could be useful, and while I’m at it I might as well learn Korean too.




Oh, I fell in love with a new pair of shoes again. They’re so pretty (and expensive!). But I need to get a hold of my new winter coat first. So, yes, I did decide which coat to buy. Which one I went on, will have to be a surprise ;)

c_Cae; 8 more minutes before bank opens!

Autumn is here!

Just took a walk and was mesmerized by all the colors. Every year, I’m reminded of how much I love autumn. At least when it’s not windy, I love it. Today was one of those days when the winds took a break. They say temperatures will drop below zero this weekend and I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m looking forward to it. Genuine autumn feelings = euphoria for me.

Now I gotta go grocery shopping and get my ass home to make dinner.


New season of Don’t trust…

The other day, I was suggesting a series you guys could follow, and guess what? Season two of Don’t trust the b—- in apt 23 is premiering tonight! I seriously can’t wait, although it will be a bit weird to have to wait for a week before you can watch the next episode.

There’s a lot for me to look forward to. Like buying a baby bed, moving to a bigger apartment and the like. But for the moment, I’m living it day by day. One more hour and I’m meeting up a friend to study for an exam. It’ll probably be the last exam I’ll be writing before the little one comes. Luckily, I’ll be able to do my thesis sometime in January. Kiddo will spend his/her first months in a lab with mommy. Gotta get them started early, right?

c_Cae; reporting from the pizzeria

So I excluded the white one since so many of you seem to like the red one. Yes, it’s about the coat :) but! Now I feel in love with another one. So the red one or this other one?

Yuck. Wish I could buy both haha :)

Decisions decisions

Gosh, I can’t decide on what winter coat to order. I am fully aware of that my baby bump hinder me from wearing it, but kiddo is coming soon and winter lasts forever here.

I waited several weeks for the new collection to come and now when it’s here, I can’t frigging decide on which one to order! It’s either a red one or a white one. I like the red one more but the white one has lace. Crappers, haha. Help me?

//c_Cae; why does this have to be hard? 

Baby stuff

Just got home from a long shopping trip with my mom. Took a look at a lot of clothes since it came to my mind that we haven’t bought a jumpsuit and gloves. Winter is harsh here, even for adults. So I ended up buying a hat and shoes. Baby clothes are ridiculously cute! Hah, I never thought that side of me would emerge. Ever. I blame hormones ;)

Cute isn’t it?

//c_Cae; overwhelming doesn’t even cover what I feel now