Thoughts and field trip pictures

I’ve been thinking of how to make this blog more alive. And honestly, I have no idea. I’d like to post every day, preferably several times a day, actually. But thing is, nothing much happens in my life other than school and a growing little human inside of me. In the long run, even I would get bored of reading such posts. I could write about the many observations I make every day, but I have trouble remembering them all.

I could do reviews too but that requires a lot of time. Time that I, at the moment, do not have. Preparing the arrival of the little one takes a lot of the time and energy I have left during the day. I could also turn this into a mommy blog, but let’s face it – I don’t have the need to reveal my life to the cyberspace, let alone revealing the life of my child to it.

Anyway, here’s some pictures from the field trip last week as promised.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

//c_Cae; in need of ideas 


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