A new kind of Thursday

I made the decision of staying at home until the little one comes. It’s only a few more weeks now, but after careful consideration, I decided to put kiddo first. I was reluctant to put the last four weeks of my studies aside, but thinking I can’t even walk 1km without feeling like I ran a marathon or the fact that I can’t sit still at a lecture for more than 2 hours without falling asleep (even with a favorite topic of mine) made it rather easy. My well-being has to come first now when s/he is growing inside me. Haha, that sounded creepy and when you think of it, it kind of is.

Anyway, spent my day with Tina and it was the same old. Catching up before hitting town for a dinner just the two of us. I like that we’re not so girly and the fact that after 20 years of friendship, we still keep in touch. She moved out of town 5-6 years ago, but we still meet regularly. I miss my other friends though, but I know where they are and it sucks when we all are busy. But when we do meet up, all fun in the world breaks loose.

//c_Cae; still craving blue berry soup ;O


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