New series addiction?

Out of boredom, I’ve been searching for new series to follow. My latest was 2 broke girls, the humor there has me doubled of laughter (very much like my own humor). Since then, I’ve had a good challenge finding something as hilarious, and now I have found it.

I’m talking about Don’t trust the b—- in apt 23. It’s about two girls in New York, obviously each other’s opposites. June is the proper one with her life plan she religiously wants to follow, while Chloe is the one with the morals of a pirate. Of course, Chloe’s lifestyle makes it hard for June, but June isn’t as much of a push over as she appears to be. Also, Krysten Ritter, who plays Chloe, is a classic beauty in my opinion (resembles Audrey).

I’ve only seen 2 episodes and I’m hooked. At first I was sceptic because James van der Beek is in it, but the character of Chloe makes the uneasiness go away rather quickly.

Also, you can stream it here.

//c_Cae; waiting for the Dutchman to come home


One response to “New series addiction?

  1. Frosting…Mmmmmm good.



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