Autumn, errands and studies

Right now I’m waiting for the bank to open. Ridiculously boring sitting here but it has to be done. At least I had a huge breakfast and am satisfied at the moment.

Later, I’ll meet up a friend to study for an exam on Friday. I’m just hoping kiddo can wait until I’ve finished the exam before coming out.

Autumn is here and just the other day I was kicking leaves with, read and be flabbergasted, my mom. Never thought she had it in her, but I guess becoming a grandmother brings out that side of you.

I got another job offer! Though I need to talk to them before deciding on anything. Being trilingual has its benefits when two of the languages are global ones. When I have the time, I’ll definitely make sure my Japanese improves by light years. Could be useful, and while I’m at it I might as well learn Korean too.




Oh, I fell in love with a new pair of shoes again. They’re so pretty (and expensive!). But I need to get a hold of my new winter coat first. So, yes, I did decide which coat to buy. Which one I went on, will have to be a surprise ;)

c_Cae; 8 more minutes before bank opens!


3 responses to “Autumn, errands and studies

  1. Omedeto! Caely San.



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