First world prego problems

– I can’t sit properly because kiddo has moved further south making my belly look real low.

Yeah, I think that’s it.

I had this funny thought the other week. Remember the friend that moved to Japan not long ago? Well, he’s back for paper work, and I just recently found out he’ll be going back to his beloved in Japan on Friday. Of course, we met up for a coffee when he got here and I jokingly said that kiddo might come the day he departs again. After all, I found out about the baby the very day my friend put himself on a plane. So, basically I’m tip-toeing (is that even an expression, if not, now it is!) until Friday.

I got used to the fact that people started to talk to my belly instead of me, but lately some of those people have taken it to a completely new level. It’s like I don’t even exist. Understandable, but occasionally I’d appreciate that people would actually remember that I’m more than just a human incubator haha. Or maybe I’m just jealous of all the attention the baby is getting. I also just finished packing my bag for whatever is needed when we head for the hospital. Only that I forgot to pack the baby stuff. Great. Better go do that now before I forget. Again.

//c_Cae; only baby bed and winter stuff that’s missing now…