To make it easier for the most of you: kiddo still hasn’t popped out yet. Although s/he has found a new way of entertainment: pushing his/her little bum on one side and stretching out the little legs on the other side. I must admit, it’s hilarious just to watch, so I can only imagine what it’s like to actually practice it haha.

Not long ago, the Dutchman and I realized that we’ve been seriously busy since March. Not a single weekend has been spent with ourselves (or each other). We’ve always been away, and the only thing I can remember us doing nothing on a Sunday was probably the day when Eve and Marcus left early after a crazy weekend of food and movies (haha that’s what we do now since we don’t party anymore). Other than that, I have no idea about the last time we did absolutely nothing.

Yesterday was rather nice. Made an impulsive trip to the Dutchman’s dad, since it was Father’s day here yesterday. After an early dinner, we spent most of the evening talking about chocolate, obesity and babies. That’s when I realized I missed my running shoes as well as being able to walk faster than a toddler. Because seriously, a toddler walks faster than me. I could push it and walk faster but it’d result in heavy breathing like I had my asthma back haha.

For desert, we had a divine chocolate mousse cake. It was like sex on a plate, visually and flavor wise. Look at it and tell me you don’t drool.

Dark AND white chocolate <3

//c_Cae; nap time!


2 responses to “G’day!

  1. Dear Cae,

    It sounds as though you’re going to have a handful soon. Kiddo sounds as though he/she is getting ready to rumble.

    Thinking of you with a big smile.



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