I have no idea what I’m doing

Last night, I teamed up with an old classmate from the marine ecology course. Being bored out of our minds between the instance levels (yes, this is GW again). we decided to go treasure hunting. If there is one thing, one single thing, I hate about MMOs, it’s jumping. I suck at it and I definitely do not have the patience for it.

To make matters worse, we had to go to a cave in pitch darkness. I’m Asian, my eyesight has been poor since birth (haha yes, sometimes I do joke about my heritage) so jumping around in darkness did not make things better. So after a few struggling tries (it felt like a million tries), we finally got to the treasure. A treasure that neither of my characters had any perks of getting. It was heavy armor and being a necromancer/elementalist, that shit was useless. Haha, at least I can manke in game money for it…

My balance today is so-so. I couldn’t even stand straight when waiting for the bus and I almost tripped over. I keep thinking of what I’d do if I was to fall. I’d probably try the cat thing and twist myself in mid-air to land on my bum. Then I’d probably panic and call the hospital for a checkup. At least now I am home and getting comfy in the best couch ever. Question is, to drink or not to drink tea?

My character is the one to the left, Inoriko (child of Inori :))

//c_Cae; also, to Instagram or not to Instagram :)