Soy milk and stuff

Yesterday was spent with my parents. It’s still kind I awkward to lunch with both of them at the same time.

I believe, when comparing the number of times I’ve had steaks, I’m way more experienced to the matter than my mom. Yet, like many mothers (especially Asian), she had to point out exactly how I am to eat my steak. I’m perfectly aware of that I need to cut the meat a certain way or you’ll spend more time cutting and chewing than actually enjoying your food.

I couldn’t help but think my dad would never do that. Maybe it’s an Asian thing, but I thought of how my parents treat my prego ass.
When I first told them, my mom thought I was lying and my dad was determined I was expecting twins. Then they wouldn’t let me open doors and other trivial things that you do everyday. I get that I shouldn’t carry heavy things, but come on, doors? Yet, at least my mom, expect me to have the energy to walk a whole day in a newly opened mall with thousands of people. Contradicting? Very much. And very confusing, too.

Right now, just changing clothes have me exhausted. It actually took me 15min to get changed today and that’s usually the total amount of time I spend every day on my looks. It’s not that I don’t care, I do. I just don’t believe you have to spend hours on it.

Haha I had to check my headline just now to remember what I intended to write.
My mom and I made soy milk last night. Not the weird tasting one you get from grocery stores but the home made kind. The kind where you grind your won soy beans and boil it for a few hours. Not as delicious as the one you get in Da Lat, Vietnam, but close enough. It’s not that hard to make it. But like many Asian food, it’s time consuming. Grinding beans doesn’t take long, boiling it does. About 3 hours to get he proper flavor. But it is worth it.
If anything, you’d get real good arm muscles from all the stirring.

Oh yeah, my prego brain hasn’t been that bad until now. Last week, I almost put butter in the drawer and I thought the dishes belonged in the bathroom. Sure, flushing your dishes sound like a good idea but that’s what you got a dish washer for right? Other than that, I’m still kinda normal. I think :)


//c_Cae; heading home to make dinner