Still nothing

Waiting – the one thing I really dislike doing, too bad I’m good at it… Yup, you guessed right, kiddo still hasn’t come yet although the contractions kept me awake all night. Sometimes, it amazes me how much pain I can handle without it really affecting me so much. Last time a contraction hurt, I couldn’t sit, walk or breathe but I still managed to maintain a somewhat straight face (and watch my latest addiction MasterChef).

We’ll see though, I have a feeling it’s getting closer now since the pain hasn’t really laid off since last night. I can still walk and be somewhat normal.

Oh! I managed to curl my hair! Without any sprays or other artificial gross stuff. I just forgot to take a picture of it and this time I blame my inability of taking pictures when needed. It’s still somewhat curly but you can barely see it now :( I’ll do it one more time tonight and see if it works. And this time, I’ll make sure to remember to take a picture.

//c_Cae; nap time!