Kind of as promised

So curling my hair went so-so last night. Basically, it ended up being a little wavy. Thus, I’m trying to do it again tonight and we’ll see if it works a second time. I’m happy I decided to try this because my hair is as straight as straight can be. I remember the countless times I have invested hundreds of crowns at salons where two hours and several bottles of sprays didn’t even manage to get close to curly. Okay, maybe once it worked. For 20 minutes. That time, I was going to a wedding, by the time I got to the event, my hair was straight again… So, yes, I am happy this seem to work haha.

And I know I promised a picture of my curly hair but since I didn’t succeed, this picture of my straight hair and my baby bump will have to do for now :) (ps. haven’t slept properly for days so I look like roadkill, or at least feel like it…)

Oh! And my winter jacket is on its way, yay! Okay, that was unintentional rhyming. Whops :)

//c_Cae; off to watch some more MasterChef