Didn’t succeed in curling my hair last night. It’s still just wavy :( I think I dried it a little too much with the blow dryer and now it’s just fluffy and wavy. I’ll try again in a few days when I wash my hair again. And I can’t get a proper picture of it. Poor camera and black hair and poor lighting = bad combination.

It’s wavy like that, only that you can barely see it if you’re not standing next to me :(

So for now, I’ll go take a nap and then I’ll play some more GW :3

//c_Cae; I nap a lot O_o


3 responses to “#fail

  1. Dear Cae,

    You missed an opportunity to fool us all. You should have said that four things happened last night; you gave birth to twins, dyed your hair blonde, curled it, but just a little and that this is your new picture on holiday in Greece. (The aviator glasses would have sold it to the doubters:)

    Keep the notes coming and remember your breathing lessons when Kiddo come.

    Love you,


    • Dear D,

      Gosh, I wish I thought of that! It would’ve been hilarious to fool you guys, but on the other hand I guess I am too honest to pull off such a thing.


  2. If it’s any comfort, Caely, I have the opposite problem with my hair. Gave up trying to straighten it years ago.

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