Contract and bets

I got a pleasant surprise earlier today. Someone just placed a bid for our apartment and we’ll be signing the contract tomorrow. Yay! I haven’t actually been too pessimistic about it all. On the contrary, I have been very positive about it all and this time it didn’t come back and bite me in the ass (because it usually does haha).

To no one’s surprise, people have been betting on when kiddo decides to arrive. My bet was on the 10th of November, and that was loooong ago, so that one I lost. The second bet, from Oma (it’s the Dutch word for grandma), was on the 16th. Today is the last bet and honestly, I don’t think kiddo will come today either. I seriously think that s/he figured that we might as well wait a bit more.

So, since there are so many followers here, I figured you guys could give it a guess. Guess whether it’s a boy or girl, and when s/he will arrive. Like said, today’s bet is at 2208 (no need to be that exact, but it’s fun ;))

I’ll keep you guys posted.

Haha I remember when my baby bump was this tiny. Good thing with my belly being big is that I don’t have to see my feet (I don’t like feet). And this was in August :)

//c_Cae; Guild Wars time!