End of each month

Around this time every month, I feel seriously adult. Why? Bills, that’s why. We all have to pay them and we all have mixed feelings about them. Personally, I hate doing them because I feel robbed because I’m a poor student haha.

Often, I think that I can do it in 20min and get it over-with. But no, I don’t only pay my own bills. Paying my own bills are easy, it takes a few minutes to look them over, calculate the sum and then just pay them over the internet. But as mentioned, I don’t only pay my own bills. I also do my parents’ bills. And my parents, being Asian, are extreme perfectionist or whatever to call them. Every month, they save all the bills as they arrive, and around this time of the month, they sum it all up. Growing up, I was told Asian people were good at math, and so I draw the conclusion that my parents (being better at math than I) would do this quickly. But no. Right now, I’ve spent 40 minutes waiting for my mom to assemble her bills and sum them all up. And I who thought I could do this quick so I can go play Guild Wars. Bleh, being adult once a month sucks haha.

Kiddo is still not here. My feet are so swollen, I can barely fit in my awesome silver sneakers. My toes look like sausages. Needless to say, I hate it.

The apartment is sold and we can finally search for a new apartment for real, and not worry about getting the current one sold.

So yeah, that’s about it. Also, I forgot to mention in my previous post that kiddo was due November 16th, so if you want to change your bets, then by all means.

//c_Cae; happy belated Turkey day! (btw this is post 666)


2 Replies to “End of each month”

  1. Dear Caely,
    This too shall pass. Well the bills won’t. And I’m the world’s worst. I don’t know if Jews are supposed to be good at Math…although the stereotype is that we’re good with money. Not I and I’m a Mathematical Moron.
    My youngest son was very late. He turned 29 in August. I’ve never heard of terminal pregnancy but I was sure I was suffering from it.
    Can’t wait to hear about the big event.

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