Pull the trigger

After seeing our nurse today, I decided to take a walk from downtown to my mother’s in hopes of triggering contractions. That was a fail. So here I am, back at the apartment and nothing. Absolutely nothing happened. Okay, that’s a lie. After that 30-40min walk, my feet were completely numb. Felt nice to have actually walked that much, but I was kind of let down when nothing happened. Had hoped to see kiddo today. On the other hand, I hope to see kiddo every day, haha (never trust a mother on her opinion of her children, she is always biased as biased can be!).

So basically I just spent the day switching between watching The Mentalist and looking out the window. I figured I needed something to fill the lack of intellect I’ve been feeling lately. Because people insist on talking to my baby bump instead of me, my intellect is taking the toll. I mean, the other day someone asked me a biology question and my mind was blank. BLANK ON A BIOLOGY QUESTION! When I use caps lock on something, it’s severe haha. It took me a good while before I got to a decent answer, and that’s when it came to me that I needed to stimulate my intellect. So after watching a random episode of The Mentalist on TV, the Dutchman and I decided to give it a go. And now I am hooked…

//c_Cae; shower! 


One Reply to “Pull the trigger”

  1. Dear Cae,

    Four more days and you will have your brain back and people will be talking to you again. Part of the reason they’re talking to Kiddo now is that you have produced him and they know he’s going to be a world beater. I’m excited now about winning the bet. Free trip to Sweden! Woo-hoo!

    Hang in there.



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