First night

I see a lot of curiosity among my readers so I might as well ease that feeling.

Last night was our first with little Zoe at home. She’s doing alright, she does what all babies do: eat, sleep, poop and cry. Although she kept me up all night, it didn’t matter. I kept gazing into her and couldn’t really grasp that she’s ours. Guess everyone feels that way as parents. Tomorrow is her first checkup at the hospital and I’m a little nervous about the car ride there. It’ll be fine, she just doesn’t like her little seat.

I’m off to gaze into our little bundle of joy now. Not really sure where we stand on publishing pictures of her on the internet. So far, I’ve only kept it here. We’ll see, must discuss this with the Dutchman. Laters folks!

//c_Cae; I never knew what love really was until I held her…


4 responses to “First night

  1. Dear Caely,

    You are so alive with motherhood and love. It really shines in your writing. Thank you for the update and good luck at the check up, not that you or Zoe will need it. Thoughts and prayers are with you.



    • Dearest D,

      Thank you. If we met now, you’d probably be smitten too by little Zoe. The check up went fine, she basically slept through it all.
      Lots of love,

  2. Dear Caely,

    I’m smitten with the both of you, sight unseen. I am so happy that all is well and that you and Zoe are together, face to face, so to speak, for the holidays.

    You are a beautiful person, Cae. Inside and out, upside and down. Never forget that.



    • Dear D,

      Sometimes I wonder why we’re so far apart, yet we’re such good friends. Makes me appreciate things a bit more than I already do.

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