Being a mom

Zoe went to sleep an hour ago and I’ve had some time for myself. Thing is, I’m starting to miss her. An hour is all it took and I miss her like she’s been gone forever.

The nights are getting easier. Last night, I got to sleep two or three consecutive hours! In comparison to our first night, that was awesome. I’m having headaches though, probably because of the four days of sleep deprivation prior, during and after the labor.

About the labor, it was normal I guess. My water broke at 4 am and we got to the hospital around five. 11 hours, one morphine dose, lots of nitrous gas and three pushes later, a little Zoe rests on my chest. And so here I am, three days later, living and loving the mommy life.

Our check up today went brilliantly. Not a squeak when blood samples were taken and that felt like the first proud moment I share with her.
Anyway, I’m getting so e rest before she needs to eat again. Cheers folks!

c_Cae; is this what they call separation anxiety


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