Hi guys!

Sorry for the low update. I’ve spent a few days taking on the fact that Zoe is ours. Every time I look at her, I am amazed that I and the Dutchman produced such a lovely little human. And I kept thinking it was unbelievable, that it’s incredible and wonderful. Just this morning, I looked at the both of them and thought to myself: “Wow, this is my family now. My very own family.” And I have a hard time believing it can get better than this. Well, no matter the circumstance, it’s wonderful. And everything I do, including saving the world’s oceans, will be even more important. Or rather, it will be for her. I’ve always known that I want to leave a mark on this planet, a mark that makes future generations proud. Kind of what Cousteau did for me, I want for Zoe.

I had a thought of writing something very elaborate about something I’m doing right now, but since Zoe will wake up anytime now for her meal before the night, I’ll have to postpone it till tomorrow or something. Maybe it will have to wait until Saturday even, since her godfather will visit tomorrow.

Oh, and as for pictures of Zoe; most of them will remain private, but I will not keep you guys in the dark. I’ll publish a few pictures here (but none on Facebook) for now. We might change our minds though, but only time will tell.

3590g (7.9lbs) at birth and 54cm (1.77ft).

Little poser! 3590g (7.9lbs) at birth and 54cm (1.77ft).

//c_Cae; gazes into the little one, who turns one week tomorrow!


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  1. Jim van Duuren

    We dutchman tend to make beautifull baby’s! NIce update, especially the family part. We recognize that, even though we already have 3 kids ;-)

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