Prove them wrong

When I was still carrying Zoe, people kept being negative. Don’t ask me why, I don’t even want to know. They kept telling me I could kiss my social life goodbye, put gaming aside and do nothing but to tend to my little human. Also, I would not be able to sleep.

First of all, Zoe now lets us sleep four consecutive hours before she gets hungry and I need to get up and feed her. No biggie, it’s still better than the first night when I slept nothing at all. And she seems to follow this four hour pattern.
Second, I can still play games. Heck, I was nursing the other day as I was playing Guild Wars 2. Yes, multitasking isn’t what it used to be since I can’t really do more than two other things as I nurse but it’ll get better. So suck it, you non-believers.
And third, since we can’t really get out (because of snow storms and other reasons), we’ve had people come over instead. It’s what family and friends do, if you can’t get to them, they will come to you.

So yeah, I just wanted to say suck it to all those people that told me I couldn’t do this and that after having a baby. Hah!

//c_Cae; no excuses, if you got the will, you got the power! 


2 responses to “Prove them wrong

  1. “So suck it!” Really, Cae? You are sooooo funny sometimes. (Notice who was never negative at all, ever, about you and your growing enterprise??)

    Going to play disc golf now. Wish me luck. Love to You and Zoe.



    • Haha, yes really. I never use that phrase when I speak, but thought it’d be funny to use it here. And apparently it worked, at least it made you smile/laugh (makes it all worth it :))
      You don’t need luck in disc golf, because I think you’re that good <3

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